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The Lone Hacker

A view on the world, among other things.

The Lone Hacker

Hello. I would be Chris, (ChrisTek) The Lone Hacker. Bringing you junk about my opinions on the world, with a bit of... handy... computer knowledge along the way.

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5:30 PM


Wow Chris, what an in-depth post! It makes me want to read more./sarcasm    

6:41 PM


7:30 PM

Hey ChrisTek! Nice Blog, hey just to let you know, I was looking at this and it made me want to creat a blog also.


Nice blog space!    

9:51 AM

Hey! I assume you clicked the little button. LOL. Anyways, thanks for the comments, I will probably host my own blog soon, however. Blogger is too....... Well, you get the picture. I will check out your blog ASAP!    

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