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The Lone Hacker

A view on the world, among other things.


One serious threat is spyware. And I don't mean the wimpy ad-ware variety that pops up ads on your PC. I mean SubSeven, Trojans, etcetera. Serious stuff. Now, SubSeven, one of the worst spywares to get, allows total remote control of your PC, right down to editing the registry. It is also invisible. No taskbar icons, no ads, only a few values and a server app, which usually destroys itself after launching. It can also be disguised as ANY type of file, changing icons, names, ectetera. For a demo of SubSeven, download the Hacker's Toolkit, from


Disclaimer: I am not responsible for what you do with the programs provided above. They are for examination and demo purposes only. This pack contains many trojans, backdoors, spywares, etcetera. Use at your own risk.

Now that I covered that, you must stop your antivirus from deleting most of that file, for it contains many trojans, backdoors, spywares, etcetera. One of the folders in that ZIP file contains both SubSeven apps, server and client. Open the client, and witness what this baby can do. Awesome! Very powerful. It even gives you an option to run it on your own computer! Now drag the client app to your desktop to use it.

SubSeven provides an option to run a demo on your own computer. Use it to see what SubSeven can really do. To remove SubSeven if it has infected your computer, launch your Antivirus software and it should remove it. If not, go to Start > Run > regedit

Search for SubSeven. Sure enough, the registry keys are actually labeled SubSeven. Delete the needed keys from the registery, and restart. Simple as that! And SubSeven gets:

☼☼ 2 Stars!

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